Bag Hangers

What is a Bag Hanger?
Bag Hangers are essentially smaller-sized posters with an adhesive strip on the back that will allow you to quickly and easily stick a sheet onto each bag and/or trays you provide to your customers. With our design team, we are able to provide you with endless design and customization possibilities. Below are a few ready-to-order pieces.

Why Use a Bag Hanger?
Do you have a message or promotion you need to quickly get across to your customers, but found that putting sheets of paper in each bag isn’t enough?
We’ve discovered that the most effective messaging is in the bag. In a case study ran by Media Monkey, we gave groups of individuals an EVM: one group was given bags with bag stuffers, while others were given bags with the bag Hanger attached on the exterior surface of the bag. Only 4-7% of individuals in the first group took notice of the Bag stuffer, while on the other hand 100% of participants in the second group interacted with and read the message on the Bag Hanger.
Having your message readily accessible as employees hand customer’s their order will not only boost the effectiveness of your promotions but also increase the response rate you are looking for.

✓Bag Hangers can be pre-applied
✓Strongly reinforce POP messaging
✓Builds effectiveness by commanding guest attention and interaction
✓Encourages bounce backs and builds guest counts by including coupon offers and by highlighting products, events, or other McDonald’s® programing

Additional Benefits
✓Excellent ROI
✓Patented Technology
✓Custom Designs Available
✓Effectively adheres to multiple bags types

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